Without Comment: Wonderland of calculations

by R K Garg
Chandigarh, August 12, 2020: Many years ago when mobiles, even TV, was not very popular, some persons who very fond of cricket used to keep a small transistor with them and people used to ask them the score and how many have wickets had fallen.
There was great craze for knowing the score which would carry on till the end of the day when play would stop.
Since the last over six months, we all are concerned with numbers and fallen wickets.
The numbers are increasing tremendously.
Yes, I am talking about the ‘cricket’ of Corona.
A team of Corona warriors is fighting, but the score of Corona is increasing day by day and our minds are befuddled by the numbers and calculations
In fact, what we see around is that everyone is busy in calculations.
Calculations does not necessarily mean arithmetic figures only.
Rather, we also calculate risks, possibilities or effects of a situations or a decision-making process.
We all are doing it every day, every moment.
While we are studying we are preparing for certain marks.
Teachers are working hard to get a certain pass percentage of their students.
Parents are calculating the future and somewhere ascertaining the ‘relief ‘ their child will give once he/she gets mature
The government is calculating the figures for its budget and budgetary allocations.
Businessmen are always calculating and keeping the calculations on their fingertips.
A wife is calculating the time her husband gives and husband calculating the quantity of passion she has.
Political parties are always after securing membership and prospective votes they will get.
Their calculations vary before, after, nearing and in between the elections.
In health and planning sectors, they are calculating the number of cases as the budget depends on that.
Police calculates the FIRs and challans, as their promotions are dependent on them.
During the COVID crisis some offices are calculating the number of tenders they can issue which will escape the public scrutiny and on the top of all the RTI information seekers are worried about the number of days any officer will take to supply the information.
There are various type of calculations.
When things are personally needed the wait becomes longer, as, somehow, when you are waiting for something or someone even watch seems to get slow.
And, above all, some persons are doing cross calculations and looking at the moves of others.
They do their own assessment of various situations and draw their own conclusions.
These results sometimes shake the others who have made certain calculations based on their own interests.
We all are part of the summation, permutation, combination and wonderland of calculations.
Are we not?
(The views expressed are personal of the author. If you wish to express your opinion, contact R K Garg at rtichd27@gmail.com)

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